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the park. (original)

“bees in the sky,

butterflies seem to fly.

wind in my hair,

as i smell the fresh air.

this seems like fun,

besides the scalding sun.

i wish i can stay until dark,

as i live my adventures in the park.”

-nida a. (circa 2013)

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so… (original)

“the music on my playlist

escaping me from life

don’t like going through this

but i’m gonna have to try


another teardrop on my pillow

as i let out another cry

never thought i’d say this

but i have to

so goodbye.”

-nida a. (circa 2014)

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wishes. (original)

‘at one, i wished for strength, as i took my first proper steps,

at two, i wished for my mother, as without her i had wept.

at three, i went to pre-school, and i wish i hadn’t cried even more,

then i wished for more intelligence, as i began to read at four.


at five, i wished for friendship, as i made many with such great bonds,

at six, i wished for pencils, as my love for writing was so strong.

at seven, i wished to meet iCarly, (i still haven’t up-to-date,)

and i wished for a better voice, as i learned my love for music at eight.


at nine, i wished to find my self-written book; something my teacher had lost,

at ten, i wished for wisdom, as a double-digit age i had just crossed.

at eleven, i wished for success, with class president already being swell,

and i wished to travel more, after experiences abroad at twelve.


at thirteen, i wished for acceptance, with clubs and musically,

at fourteen, i wished for more time spent with my university-bound brother (Ali).

at fifteen, i wished for nothing, i thought i saw everything that needed to be seen,

but then comes along my opportunity to wish  for something at sixteen.


so i wish for a better life and living condition for all those suffering,

and i want to make sure this happens soon, and without any buffering.

i wish for less heartache in the world, and although that is hard to do,

it begins with less greed, less lying, more selflessness and more truth.


i wish for happiness to those around me, since they have given me the same,

i wish to make friends and family proud, which continues to be my aim.

now in total, these may be a lot, but all wishes add up to one, for you see,

i’d wish you could help make all my wishes come true along with me.’

-nida a. (2017)


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moi. (original)

“moi, je suis humaine,

une autre figure qui occupe la scène.

autour de moi, j’ai mes amis

ils sont comme une deuxième famille.


j’ai grandi avec ma famille première

mon papa, ma maman, et mon grand frère.

nous habitons sur une rue avec une petite maison,

entouré d’une communauté belle, sans raison.


les communautés se transforment en villes et villages

différents couleurs et cultures, comme des coquilles sur une plage

les océans sont entourés avec une centaine de pays

qui se sont placées en continents comme Europe et Asie


notre monde est une petite place, je vais être honnête,

car il y a plus que juste une ou même deux planètes

les étoiles dans le ciel, leur quantité est indéfinie

continuent à former de plus en plus de galaxies


quand il y a des temps ou je sens seule ou mal

je souviens qu’il y a plus autour de moi que les choses locales

même si je suis une figure qui occupe la scène,

moi, je suis juste une fille, dans notre univers pleine.”

-nida a. (circa 2015)


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Nida Ansari. (original)

Nida Ansari.

child of a father and mother; child of people who care for each other.

younger sibling of a patient brother; younger sibling of a beast like no other.

who loves making silly puns; who loves old Disney Channel re-runs.

who hates when things are left undone; who hates her flaws, even when told she has none.

who wishes upon a star; who wishes in life she goes very far.

who is scared of reality and the outcomes there are; who is scared that life will fade away like an old cigar.

who dreams of fluffy unicorns; who dreams of a world with no regrets or mourns.

who appreciates the roses, even with the thorns; who appreciates life as if it was just born.

who wants to be known; who never wants to be alone.

who lives in her own bones; who lives in a loving home.

who wants to live free; who wants to live in no way differently,

…but who is Nida Ansari?

-nida a. (2015)

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a story. (original)

note: this poem was originally for an English assignment. it was written purely from a concept i got by sitting in a library for countless hours. anyways, i hope this makes you fall in love with books and words just like the protagonist did themselves. 🙂

i also hope this isn’t too tragic for a day of love… woops. regardless, happy valentine’s day. here’s a story.

once upon a time i needed you / more than plants need their rain

when i saw you i was euphoric / but you’d leave when i felt pain.

one day you were completely gone / like a child’s toy left un-kept

we would never see each other again / yet you smiled as i wept.

my eyes learned only to scream / and my voice, it could only cry

from the winds of early Septembers / to the heated mid-Julys.

your voice, your words / was all and only of what i could think

as i would lie awake all night / i wouldn’t seem to blink.

blink / now i see you packing your bags / to where i still don’t know

perhaps it hurt you more to hold on / so you decided to let go.

i still remember that moment / it keeps me alert like a warning

and had i not seen a sweeter sorrow / when you left me that morning.

i said “leave, but don’t leave / i’m begging you, please

for you are my stress / but also my ease.”

you pled “i wish i could stay / but i have to disperse

i am a spell, and sadly / you have been cursed.”

now your words repeat in my head / what a sad, sad excuse

this lie you tricked me into believing / i would consider verbal abuse.

me? sadly? cursed? / all i remember feeling was pure magic

if only i had known you would leave me here / with a feeling, now only tragic.

that tragedy started growing / from that day up until now

now i want to let go too / but i just don’t know how.

maybe we should meet again? / you can teach me how you let go, oh, so, lightly

maybe we should meet again! / is that a good idea? it might be.

now all i can remember is our late night talks / perhaps we could do them again

to admit, i miss telling you everything / you were a diary; my best friend.

NO! i tell myself / you… this… it’s not what i need!

you will just leave again / and i’ll just restart this plead.

but, there was this line you had said / that if you want something, you work your hardest

your advice advised me / and for that i remember you as the smartest.

but are you worth working for now / when all you do is bring me down?

i can’t make up my mind anymore / my heart begins again to frown.

i need to get away from this bed / although it gives me warmth and comfort

all i feel is being trapped in a cage / my loving bed makes me feel hurt.

my friends tell me “oh, write a journal / let your quietest emotions shout!”

but my hands shake too much for a writer / so for you, i’m going out.

as i walk outside, all i feel / is you holding me like a harness

in this sunset in front of me i see no sparks / i only see darkness.

but then i see something / my eyes squint, i see a light!

shining in a… library? oh, that place / where dreamers read and doers write.

reluctantly i walked in / but now i’m happy i did so

had i held onto your feeling more / i would have never let myself go.

regaining my strength, my eyes fixed / on something so eloquently designed

i couldn’t look away / i wanted this, this obsession, as mine.

it was a book / and i thought to myself as i walked out the door

about you / and i realized you weren’t my obsession anymore.

i looked down at the beauty / and beautiful it did look

i realized you too were a pretty cover / but you were just a terrible book.

i started to read page after page / captured for hours on end

and for the first time after a long time / i fell in love again.

come to think of it / my love for books started reminding me of you

because both make me laugh and cry / but end suddenly once they’re through.

but when i’m reading / i love that i’m able to escape the world around me

escape into a story more interesting / than yours and mine will ever be.

yes, you were great / but working hard for you wasted my time

now i’m gladly wasting it / engulfed in a book’s every line.

once upon a time i needed you / now i realize you were a want

and all i need right now / is this everlasting font.

so as i sit here reading / i cry with hints of laughter

knowing that i don’t want you in my happily ever after.

-nida a. (2016)