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an opportunity.


nida here, aka nidascorner.

just a heads up: i rarely capitalize anything i write. i’m grammatically incorrect and it’s okay with me. i hope it’s okay with you too. 😀

you see, i had a blog a few years ago, with the purpose of sharing my original poems. it just seemed weird to continue adding content after a 3 year hiatus, so i decided to start fresh.

i don’t know what’s to come of this blog, or what i want to do with it, but there’s one thing i know i want: an opportunity. an opportunity to entertain, to share, to be myself in whatever way i choose to show. and i’d like to have you, you special reader you, to be my company as i do so. 🙂

so here’s to a new blog, new stories, and new opportunities.

welcome to my corner.