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wishes. (original)

‘at one, i wished for strength, as i took my first proper steps,

at two, i wished for my mother, as without her i had wept.

at three, i went to pre-school, and i wish i hadn’t cried even more,

then i wished for more intelligence, as i began to read at four.


at five, i wished for friendship, as i made many with such great bonds,

at six, i wished for pencils, as my love for writing was so strong.

at seven, i wished to meet iCarly, (i still haven’t up-to-date,)

and i wished for a better voice, as i learned my love for music at eight.


at nine, i wished to find my self-written book; something my teacher had lost,

at ten, i wished for wisdom, as a double-digit age i had just crossed.

at eleven, i wished for success, with class president already being swell,

and i wished to travel more, after experiences abroad at twelve.


at thirteen, i wished for acceptance, with clubs and musically,

at fourteen, i wished for more time spent with my university-bound brother (Ali).

at fifteen, i wished for nothing, i thought i saw everything that needed to be seen,

but then comes along my opportunity to wish  for something at sixteen.


so i wish for a better life and living condition for all those suffering,

and i want to make sure this happens soon, and without any buffering.

i wish for less heartache in the world, and although that is hard to do,

it begins with less greed, less lying, more selflessness and more truth.


i wish for happiness to those around me, since they have given me the same,

i wish to make friends and family proud, which continues to be my aim.

now in total, these may be a lot, but all wishes add up to one, for you see,

i’d wish you could help make all my wishes come true along with me.’

-nida a. (2017)


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a tribute to provincials 2017.

this past weekend was spent at the DECA Ontario Provincials Competition.

and can i say, what an experience.

it may have only been 3 days but it was some of the best days of this year so far. i got to spend these three days competing in something i’m becoming more passionate about, enjoying the Toronto atmosphere through day AND night, and bonding with new and old friends through it all.

whether it was the night spent talking to our teacher until 1 am, the extensive amount of sushi eaten, the random trip to Staples, or the countless trips to Freshly Squeezed and Tim Hortons, i wouldn’t have had it any other way. there were of course both ups and downs throughout the competition. some emotional, some silly (cough cough, to the boys that came back five minutes after curfew, cough cough). but if anything, it was the downs that helped me appreciated the ups that i was able to encounter. i’m grateful for it all. yes, even the curfew-breakers. (it was meant to happen.) 😀

but besides that, i’m so proud of my DECA chapter. i congratulate not only the two amazing individuals that won awards, but everyone else too. even the ones that didn’t make it to provincials. we all make our chapter the great thing it is. and i’m so so happy to be a part of it. i’m honoured that i am able to be part of the memories made in DECA and at provincials this year, and i thank my chapter members – my friends – for being a part of mine.

this was the first of hopefully two more. so here’s to more experiences, inside jokes, awards, and much more.

come at me, DECA 2018. i’m ready.

(i think)