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letting go. (original)

i’m a hoarder of my thoughts.

i just can’t seem to let go.

i’m afraid to say goodbye

to things i’ve always held so close.


my words, my thoughts, my feelings;

they’re a part of me in every way.

who knows what will be of me

when i say adieu someday?


no matter how bad they are,

no matter how personal they may be,

i’ve never wanted to let go

of something that was once me.


but if i keep it all forever,

how will i ever know

the endless possibilities

of new ways i could grow?


how can i grow as a human, as a writer,

as a creative engineer,

if letting go of past me

will always be my fear?


if i keep dwelling on the past,

there’ll be no change in my point of view.

i can always reminisce,

but should always look for something new.


something new to write,

something close to my heart,

for there’s no doubt the cycle will repeat

that i must let go and part.


so i’ve learnt the key to surviving,

even though my hoarded thoughts won’t end,

is not to say goodbye to my thoughts,

but merely to say hello again.

-nida a. (2018)


hello, again! 🙂

i’m hoping to use this blog more this summer and share more poems. someone better follow up with me on that..


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