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Nida Ansari. (original)

Nida Ansari.

child of a father and mother; child of people who care for each other.

younger sibling of a patient brother; younger sibling of a beast like no other.

who loves making silly puns; who loves old Disney Channel re-runs.

who hates when things are left undone; who hates her flaws, even when told she has none.

who wishes upon a star; who wishes in life she goes very far.

who is scared of reality and the outcomes there are; who is scared that life will fade away like an old cigar.

who dreams of fluffy unicorns; who dreams of a world with no regrets or mourns.

who appreciates the roses, even with the thorns; who appreciates life as if it was just born.

who wants to be known; who never wants to be alone.

who lives in her own bones; who lives in a loving home.

who wants to live free; who wants to live in no way differently,

…but who is Nida Ansari?

-nida a. (2015)


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